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In 2011, Normandy is celebrating its 1100th
anniversary and is delighted to invite you to join in the festivities!

In the year 911, the Frankish King Charles the Simple was driven to concede «the land from the River Epte to the sea» to the Viking chief Rollo. A few decades later, Normandy had successfully asserted itself as the foremost of the fiefs of the Kingdom of France. The Vikings had become Normans and had proven their skills as wise administrators, reorganising this vast territory that was soon to see the advent of the extraordinary warrior, William the Conqueror.

The programme of events proposed throughout Normandy during this centenary year offers a marvellous opportunity not only to discover Normandy’s exceptional history and heritage, but also the great diversity of this dynamic and modern region.

Medieval fairs, sound and light shows, exhibitions, treasure hunts, concerts and walking tours are all on the agenda, just for you. “Bienvenue à la Ferme, CLIC Normandie, Caen Chamber of Commerce, the Norman Abbeys, the region of Lower Normandy and the Normandy Regional Tourist Board’s club of Parks and Gardens and Charming Hotels are all organising events to celebrate the anniversary of the creation of Normandy. To find out more…


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